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School Library System - WSWHE BOCES: BOTB Resources

Information and Resources for School Librarians

Annual Planning Schedule


  • Booklists available


  • Student Enrollment - registrations (locally see your librarian)
  • Begin reading!!
  • Bookmarks with book lists for each grade will be sent out.
  • Librarians can form teams.
  • Meeting with Coaches to go over rules and answer any questions.


  • Continue reading!!
  • Lunchtime and after-school discussions recommended.
  • See your school policies for getting approval for Team transportation and participation in the March Battle.


  • Teams are encouraged to practice with self-created questions.
  • Continue reading required books!!
  • Meeting with Readers and Coaches to go over rules and explain how the day will be run.


  • Complete reading of booklists!!
  • In-school battles held to determine team members.
  • Team captains chosen (only the captains can speak for the team in the competition). Choose alternate captain and team member(s).
  • Names will be collected (via Google form).  Link will be sent to all coaches and Librarians.
  • Schedule for Battles will be completed and sent to all coaches and librarians.
  • Letters to school administrators will go out from WSWHE SLS.


  • District permission slips should sent home for signature.
  • March - Let the games begin!


  • Committee will meet to review competition and make suggestions for following year

Rules, Scoring 2019

Schedule for BOTB March 11, 2019

Schedule for the 2019 competition.

Schedule for SUNY Adirondack will be posted soon.  We are in four buildings.  We will post the grade levels, competition rounds, and break rooms.  The actual competition schedules for which schools are playing against each other are not available until the day of the competition.

Teams & Coaches

List of Districts, Buildings, Grades and Coaches.

Battle of the Books - March 12, 2018

Battle of the Books Winners - 2018

3rd Grade

1st Place – St. Mary's/St. Alphonsus

2nd Place – Johnsburg

3rd Place – Schuylerville

4th Place – Queensbury Elementary 

4th Grade

1st Place – Lake George

2nd Place – Schuylerville

3rd Place – Queensbury – W. H. Barton Intermediate

4th Place – St. Mary's/St. Alphonsus

5th Grade

1st Place – St. Mary’s/St. Alphonsus

2nd Place – Hudson Falls

3rd Place (3-way Tie)  – Hartford Central, South Glens Falls - Ballard, Warrensburg

6th Grade

1st Place – Johnsburg

2nd Place – Warrensburg

3rd Place – Lake George

4th Place – Hartford

Competitions - 2018



TeachingBooks Links


Grade 3

Information & Lesson Plans on Books and Authors

Grade 4

Information & Lesson Plans on Books and Authors

Grade 5

Information & Lesson Plans on Books and Authors

The Mysterious Howling image

Grade 6

Information & Lesson Plans on Books and Authors