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School Library System - WSWHE BOCES: BOTB Resources

Information and Resources for School Librarians

Annual Planning Schedule


  • Booklists available


  • Student Enrollment - registrations (locally see your librarian)
  • Begin reading!!
  • Bookmarks with book lists for each grade will be sent out.
  • Librarians can form teams.
  • Meeting with Coaches to go over rules and answer any questions.


  • Continue reading!!
  • Lunchtime and after-school discussions recommended.
  • See your school policies for getting approval for Team transportation and participation in the March Battle.


  • Teams are encouraged to practice with self-created questions.
  • Continue reading required books!!
  • Meeting with Readers and Coaches to go over rules and explain how the day will be run.


  • Complete reading of booklists!!
  • Sample questions for the "in-school" battles are distributed to all schools who have registered.
  • In-school battles held to determine team members.
  • Team captains chosen (only the captains can speak for the team in the competition). Choose alternate captain and team member(s).
  • Names will be collected (via Google form).  Link will be sent to all coaches and Librarians.
  • Schedule for Battles will be completed and sent to all coaches and librarians.
  • Letters to school administrators will go out from WSWHE SLS.


  • District permission slips sent home for signature.
  • March - Let the games begin!


  • Committee will meet to review competition and make suggestions for following year

Two of Our Reigning Champions - 2017



Rules, Scoring 2018

Schedule for BOTB March 12, 2018

Schedule for the 2018 competition.

Teams & Coaches

List of Districts, Buildings, Grades and Coaches.

Battle of the Books - March 13, 2017

Battle of the Books Winners - 2017

3rd Grade

1st Place – Hudson Falls Primary

2nd Place – Saratoga Springs – Lake Avenue

3rd Place – South Glens Falls – Harrison Avenue

4th Place – Bolton Central

4th Grade

1st Place – Schuylerville Elementary

2nd Place – South Glens Falls – Harrison Avenue

3rd Place – North Warren Elementary

4th Place – Queensbury – W. H. Barton Intermediate

5th Grade

1st Place – St. Mary’s/St. Alphonsus

2nd Place – Lake George Elementary

3rd Place – Hartford Central

4th Place – Queensbury – W. H. Barton Intermediate

6th Grade

1st Place – St. Mary’s/St. Alphonsus

2nd Place – Hudson Falls Middle School

3rd Place – North Warren Elementary

4th Place – Glens Falls Middle School

TeachingBooks Links

Bookmarks by Grade 2017

Information VIdoes