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Social Studies


Social Studies Framework

C3 Framework

Taking Informed Action

Looking for ways to have your students Take Informed Action?  Try these links:

What is SCIM-C?

Social Studies Toolkits

EngageNY Information

"New" Global Regents Exam - Information

Enduring Issues Essay Resourcs

Social Studies Video Series

What Are the Toolkit Topics?

Curriculum Resources

Other Resources

Teaching about the Holocaust?  Echoes and Reflections has professional development and educational materials for Middle and High School teachers.  They offer webinars, online and in-person classes as well.  

Great Primary Resources Online


Click on the "Digital Resources" tab for links to online collections, and student and teacher resources.

History Unbound - Links to Primary Sources and Assessments


Library of Congress: Teaching With Primary Sources is an excellent site for primary sources, as well as lesson plans.