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Best Practices: Copyright

Sharing "best practices" for school librarians in WSWHE BOCES.

Copyright Information

Copyright Tips and Links from ALA.  

Includes links to copyright laws, websites and special topics that include information on using book covers on websites, fair use, public performance rights, and more.

Copyright Advisory Network

Digital Rights Management

Distance Learning

Fair Use

General Information on Copyright

Can I Use That?

(Image Source:

Permission trumps all.  OFTEN if you take the time to write a quick email to a publisher with the passage copied, or referred to, they will grant you permission to use it.  This is the best route.  Find the "contact us" email address at the bottom of a publisher's website.  If you have some favorite article you read, by all means contact the publisher.  Carefully craft the wording to indicate you will not be posting this online. 

Historical Primary Source texts are fair game and are likely archived via a government website. See some of the links below.  Notice how some sites freely upload historical documents to their site.  These are examples of fair use.  They used them, so can you.  


Two Great Resources from The Visual Communication Guy,


Creative Commons

Visit Creative Commons to search for images with clear licensing information.

Copyright Free Resources

Copyright Free Resources


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Morgue File

  • Free photos for use in school presentations

Moving Image Archive

  • Free movies, films, and videos from Internet Archive


  • More free photos for use in school presentations

Public Domain Review

  • Offers collections of images, books, films, and more from the public domain


  • Downloadable sounds to use in projects