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Information and Resources for School Librarians

Where can I find WSWHE SLS info?

WSWHE Union Catalog/ILLs

BOCES MultiMedia Services

CC/Council and PD Offerings 2022-2023

Communications Coordinators (CC) Meetings

October 27, 2022 - General Membership Meeting

January 31, 2023 (Joint Meeting with Council)

March 29, 2023

May 17, 2023


Council Meetings

October 5, 2022

January 31, 2023 (Joint Meeting with Communication Coordinators)

March 1, 2023

June 8, 2023


Professional Development

For Professional Development Opportunities offered by WSWHE BOCES SLS and other departments, visit our catalog in Frontline Education (MyLearningPlan)


WSWHE Professional Development Resources Catalog

SLP Rubric Library Program Evaluation Tools

SLP Rubric- Designed to evaluate your library program

NY School Library Program Rubric image