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School Library System - WSWHE BOCES: BEDS Information

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How do I determine what is in my catalog?

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BEDS Info: eBook/Audiobook Titles Available Through SLS

eBook/Audiobook titles through WSWHE SLS     

Gale eBooks - 270 titles (both elementary and secondary - not separated) 

Gumdrop Books (GoGo Library) - 51 titles

Rosen - 236 titles - that includes eBooks formerly from Marshall Cavendish (both elementary and secondary - not separated) 

Sora (Keeping in mind that HS students can see all, 6 - 8 can see Juvenile and YA, and K-5 only Juvenile titles)

  • K-5 (Juvenile) Only - 5114
  • K-8 (Juvenile plus YA) - 6829
  • K-12 (Juvenile, YA and Adult) - 9896
  • NY Reads (not separated into J, YA, Adult) - 1254