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Information and Resources for School Librarians

Borrowing beyond the WSWHE Region

Did you know you can borrow beyond the WSWHE region? You can!

Q: How do I request an item from CDLC?

Use CaDiLaC (CDLC's catalog) to search for item.

Click "staff request" to request item.

You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Contact WSWHE SLS if you need that information.

Make sure library information is correct, scroll down, select library, and submit request.


Q: I received an email about a CDLC request. What do I do?

A: If you can fill it, check out the item in your local catalog to the requester, click in the email to respond, fill, print out the email to use as a tracking slip. (You may want to print another copy for your records, or create a CDLC folder for requests in email.) Send the item to WSWHE SLS, with the tracking slip, and we will send it on for you.

If you can't fill it, respond to reject the request. Otherwise, you'll continue to get email reminders each day that you don't respond. :)

Contact us if you have any questions.


Q: How do I request an item from OCLC?

A: Contact WSWHE SLS and we'll do our best to get the item for you!

ELL/Large Print/Special Collections

This Padlet (click on image to view) is a time saver to help folks in the WSWHE region who are looking for specialized resources amongst our school libraries. Included in the Padlet are schools who have indicated they have the following kinds of items:

  • Materials in other languages
  • Large print titles
  • Braille titles
  • Other special collections

Our ILL Networks

WSWHE BOCES SLS utilizes a variety of networks to facilitate borrowing and lending for our WSWHE component libraries:

  • WSWHE Union Catalog

  • CDLC (Capital District Library Council)

    • CDLC allows us to borrow from other BOCES, academic, and public libraries in the Albany region of upstate New York.

    • Librarians: you can ILL from CDLC directly; ask us for your login.

  • OCLC (WorldCat)

    • Beyond the Capital region, WSWHE BOCES SLS can request materials from schools, academic libraries, and public libraries on the behalf of our librarians.

concentric circles of local, regional, national interlibrary loans